segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2008

Singles e àlbums lançados hoje na Grã Bertanha

1º Dezembro de 2008


Dan Black - 'Yours'
The Decemberists - 'Record Year For Rainfall'
Flobots - 'Rise'
Florence And The Machine - 'Dog Days Are Over'
Glasvegas - 'Please Come Back Home'
Gym Class Heroes - 'Guilty As Charged'
Enrique Iglesias - 'Away'
Jonas Brothers - 'Lovebug'
Leona Lewis - 'Run'
Oasis - 'I'm Outta Time'
Busta Rhymes - 'World Go Round'
Rosie And The Goldbug - 'You've Changed'
The Shortwave Set - 'Glitches 'N' Bugs'
Splipknot - 'Dead Memories'
The Streets - 'Heaven For The Weather'
Titus Andronicus - 'Titus Andronicus'
Usher - 'Trading Places'
Wiley featuring Daniel Merriweather - 'Cash In My Pocket'


Akon - 'Freedom'
Bob The Builder - 'Never Mind The Breezeblocks'
Glasvegas - 'A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)'
Anthony Hamilton - 'The Point Of It All'
Barry Manilow - 'Happy Holiday!'
Britney Spears - 'Circus'
Take That - 'The Circus'

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